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Jim Evans and Ned Evans, two surfing southern California artists known by their monikers “Taz” and “Bones,” came together to collaborate on a collection of 14 fine art prints celebrating a fantasyland vision of surfing that never happened. These works are created in an alternate universe, one where pop culture signs and signifiers form a new mythology. This collection of posters posits a fresh semi logical model that places surfing images on an equal footing with comics, rock posters, films, advertising, and James Bond. After many go-outs together, Ned and Jim’s ideas developed, the monsters devoured the surf images, and soon, like the spreading Fukushima radiation that is rewiring surfers’ genetic structure, the NO SHOWS came to life.

Artist and designer Jim Evans learned his trade in the San Francisco underground scene. He has illustrated comics, rock and film posters, album covers, as well as advertising and magazine illustrations. Jim is founder of the T.A.Z. collaboration, which is responsible for hundreds of gig posters, album covers, and rock ephemera. As one of the foremost award-winning media artists, his work has been exhibited and disseminated worldwide.

Artist Ned Evans has exhibited in galleries worldwide, is in numerous private collections, and when he’s not traveling to exotic locations to surf, he takes photographs or locks himself away in his studio and continues to reinvent the visual spectrum with canvas, brush, foam, and resin.


Aloha Bitches

This image represents the surfer finding balance in the midst of a media apocalypse, somewhere between heaven, hell, and a watery dance. It features monsters from the id, cartoons, and horror films. The imagery is bathed in the saturated color palette of LSD, sci-fi and abstract expressionism. It may be the last surfing poster you will ever need. It shows the surfer as a christ-like cowboy, facing extinction and bliss at the same time. Albert Camus visits Picasso at acid drop, as Kerouac comments on it, or William Burroughs surfing in Tangiers.



Pelican Trash (nuclear explosion):

This print shows the monster that is devouring us all. Nuclear waste, pollution, violence, are all combining to bring high tide for humanity. Red and yellow are the colors that spell high alert, as the surfer tries to outrun the inevitable. The viewer has a ringside seat to a technicolor close out set, lit by the light of one million suns.


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