You should have been there, or maybe you were. Stadiums, ballrooms, pizza joints, and empty warehouses, all hosted the sounds of reverb-drenched guitars and Link Wray rumbles. But unlike other pop culture, the art never collided with the sound, and the sound never really expressed the life. The collaboration of TAZ and Bones is all about filling the empty part of our imagination, expressing the fear and thrill of non-existent surf culture. Is it Dada surf art, or is it even surf art? Does surfing have a soundtrack, or does it even need one (answer, yes). Surfing art has generally had little to do with surfing, mostly because the best ephemera is all done by illustrators to advertise a product. And because a decent surf music poster does not exist – 60′s nostalgia not considered – something needed to be created. In the backwash of Fukushima, as the digital computer animations send pulsing red blobs toward Malibu, surf music art needs to be reconsidered. Like Shiva the destroyer reborn as an artist, with a graphic weapon in each hand, TazBones combines the jettisoned concepts of two artists, each bored with end of the world analogies, trying to create new myths. Would Dick Dale and the Beach Boys be a fantasy surf rock show? If so, that needs to be changed. A joke is also a critique, and a critique exists to change the status quo – a job easier done when it doesn’t exist.