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This project is not only Ned Evans and Jim Evans, but also represents a series of unique collaborations with talented artists, filmmakers, photographers, and musicians. On the art side of this collaboration are the exceptional talents of Kirk Canning and Ben Allgood. Ben brought his one-of-a-kind styling to Aloha Bitches and Cyclops Peak. Kirk was in the art trenches as rest of the layered monstrosities came to life. Jim and Ariel Celestino crafted the initial soundtrack for the madness, they were joined by Farmer Dave Scher who brought the texture and nuance. Across the pacific, the mighty Jack McCoy labored to bring the film The Forgotten Island of Tazbones to life. Spiritual guidance was provided by the mistress of Swell, Jacqueline Miro, while the viral arrow, was aimed and shot by Rebecca Cox and Molly E. Fred the jack terrier had nothing to do with it. Special thanks go to Bonny Taylor, the Brothers Marshall, Pierre Vurdrag, Eddie Donaldson, and Keegan Gibbs.