One asks what’s a Tazbone ???
That’s a good question…
But if you were there, you wouldn’t ask…
It’s everything that your mind can think of …
Which is why it is what it is, and then some…
Open up, and let it in, and then you’ll get it….
Cuz when you do, you’ll never need to ask again…
my friend…. Tazbone this !!!

-Steve Olson

“Bob had that place on The Point. The Band was behind Zuma. Trafton was at Topanga. Richie staked out County Line for Jesus Loves Fiberglass. They had this big sprawling place in a canyon nearby. (I’m not supposed to name it, one of them still lives up there.) It was perfect, you know. They’d record all night, sleep late and be up in time for evening glass-off. Those were the days, Malibu, the seventies.”

—Isabel Kettering

“Investigative journalists hate to be scooped by their competitors. What bothers them more? The discovery that two of their closest friends have secretly been collaborating for more than three decades on a whole swath of the greatest quote unquote surf art produced. Jim Evans and Ned Evans who aren’t but, equally are, brothers, are the brilliant duo behind some of the most inventive work to come out of the late sixties and mid-seventies. Remember the poster that filled the Santa Monica Civic for Jesus Loves Fiberglass? The one-sheet that turned Bikini Pintail into a legend? The lush tactile colors and textures were rich, intricate, authentic, luminescent and mind blowing. The imagery always transcended the particulars of the immediate. Like a Nirvana bootleg, or the Band’s Basement Tapes of an earlier generation, the output of the duo has been kept hidden till now. So here’s your chance. GO.”

—Tibby Rothman, Contributing Writer, New Times

All my friends went to see Phil Collins and I got hammered and went to see Trim bastards and the speedos. You tell me who got to feel it in the air tonight! Wetsuit piss was so good it made me warm and tingly!

After seeing jesus loves fiberglass I became a believer!
Jesus loves fiberglass made me see the light, biatch.

When people were listening to salt and pepper I was getting my fill of Grommet and salt,yo! If you were chosen to see aloha bitches, and mean chosen, then you were the shit! If you were at el monte legion and saw storm drain drunks, well then you know what I’m talkin’ about.

–Casper Brindle


–Dane Peterson

I remember those shows. Hilarious.

–Jacqueline Miro

“I loved it when in the middle of the show the Bitchez took their tops off!”  Barry “Eyeballs” Bulging  ?

–Jack McCoy

Twin Fin Massacre @ Bondi Beach
“Yeah dude, that was epic. After the three gnarliest months ever in Indo, getting barreled everyday out of my mind, I went to Bondi beach to visit a girlfriend of mine and disconnect a little bit. My first nigh at Bondi Beach The Twin Fins played, bro, it was insane, yeah baby, far out, you know what I mean??

–Juanito Pelotas


Bikini Pintail @ Death Valley Skate Rink
Mannnn!!!!!!!! It was a three ring circus!!!! The best show ever!!! I think this is how the whole thing started: The Douches were playing and this chick is totally drunk and out of control in the first row, and then she through her bikini top to the stage, and landed on Pete´s face (the drummer), he played for as long as he could with the bra on his faces and then he put it inside his mouth and started chewing it, I guess he must been a little drank as well because he puke something that looked like 6 carnitas burritos, the chick didn´t like it one bit and climbed top less to the stage (I forgot to mention that she was quite huge) and started punching Pete on the face but he kind of like it, then all the audience started to cheer for the big chick, that loved the attention and started hula dancing, soon there were 25 or 30 top less girls dancing on stage. When the Douches finish their set the Long John Kneeboards started but the crowd didn´t care, everybody wanted more topless dancing so people started going up the stage and throwing the musicians out… The Grommets felt the pressure and started their gig totally naked… Nice effort but it was too late, 95% of the crowd was drunk and pissed. When the Bikinis got on stage it was Fallujah

–Nico Durante


Aloha Bitches at the Cayucos Velodrome, never forget it: the Camaros in the parking lot, the sixer of tall boys stashed in the pockets of my down jacket, the watermelon Jolly Rancher I gave to Julie and the red smile she gave me when the first song kicked in… the swaying of the crowd like the push and pull of shorebreak, the tongue kiss I found myself locked in when the first bars of “Hang Ten or Die” trickled in, not with Julie, but with Julie’s friend, Vicki, a big surprise that led to me in the middle of a tug o war between the two hottest girls in 11th grade, a burst of confidence in my dreadful teens. It’s not often you lose your virginity in a slam dance pit. And even less often that you lose it twice. I thank the Bitches.

–Jamie Brisick